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Welcome to my site.  My name is Ron Hartwell and I often write articles under the name Green Math Dr.  This is because I was a math teacher and currently tutor math and science, and because I have been known to support doctrine of living aimed at preserving the people and life of the planet.  People often talk of saving the planet, which actually means saving the lifeforms that populate the planet. The planet itself will survive dispite what any of us do, barring an explosive event, but it is the life that the planet supports that is of concern.  We want it to be capable of maintaining life as we know it.  The fact that microbes might be able to survive on a volcanic desolate environment is not of interest.  We want green trees and grass and even bugs to a lesser degree and every thing necessary to help people survive into the future.

My mother is a tree hugger. I mean, she actually goes out and hugs trees.  She feeds the deer and other animals that exist in a small Southern Conecticut town that other people would never see, as it is not a rural community, and you would not expect this wildlife to be there, but it is.  Most of the people in the area probably never notice that wildlife even exists there, yet in the winter my mother has a “feeder” that has a least 6 deer as regular customers.

There are many environmental issues that seem too big for any individual to make much of an impact on them.  It is true that one person can not make much of a difference and even a group might not be enough unless it were quite large.  Change can happen however as noted in an article I wrote on HubPages several years ago, I believe it was called, “Why Am I Green” or something to that effect.  I guess the point is that you always have to do something when confronted with a situation even if it is ignore it completely.  You might as well take the one that creates th most positive result.  That result may not create a big effect in the overall scheme of things, but at least the effect it did have will have been in the right direction.

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